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April 9, 2017 CET Minutes


On April 9, 2017 the Council of East TN Square and Round Dance had its quarterly meeting. A quorum was present, so President Pat Balckmore called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm and led the pledge of allegiance.

Secretary Mary Ruth Little read the minutes from the October 9, 2016 meeting. Jack Rosenberger made a motion to accept the minutes as read. R. G. Pratt seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer Maxine Schultz passed out two reports, one for the winter quarter and the one for the spring quarter. Only the Tip Topper need to pay dues at this time. Linda Elder made a motion to accept the treasurer’s reports. Motion passed.

Pat reminded everyone that the January meeting had been cancelled due to bad weather and illness. She said that several clubs are experiencing problems, and that as a family we need to step up and help.

Vice-president Dusty Disney said we have elections coming up. If we know of someone who could hold an office, let her know.

No Area III or Area V reports.

Activities Coordinator Tammy Berry reported that she has 8 callers and 1 cuer for the Council Dance. She has sent e-mails to clubs about needing 2 tickets for a free dance and 2 other door prizes from each club. Tammy reminded us to send anything we want posted on the web to Tim Berry.

Old Business: Jim Kolinsky finished the audit for 2016. He said he made sure the bank statements and the records matched. Everything was in order.

New Business: R. G. reported that the New Year’s Eve dance had raised $650, which was sent to Dolly Parton’s fund for fire damage victims.

Scott Ebright explained the Club 50 method of teaching that Claxton is trying. It is an attempt to get dancers dancing quickly. It teaches 50 of the basic calls really well before moving on to the rest of the calls. A disadvantage is that if you miss one or two classes, you cannot catch up because it moves too fast. But, because of the short secessions, you can start a new class sooner. Claxton has planned Club 50 blasts to teach the last 18 calls to finish mainstream. Concerns that the new dancers would not be able to visit other clubs were expressed. There was also a concern that students who are catching on will get bored by the second or third round and want to drop out. Scott said that they just started Club 50 in September and agreed to try it for one year.

Pat reminded that elections in July. The Council needs new blood. There are only four meetings, so it takes minimal time.

Dance Data: Larry Dunkel said that at the last collation dance there was only one flyer. It is looking like there will not be many this time. He has been looking at how other areas do it. He looked at three types of booklets. The least expensive is $180 for 335 copies. It was $284 for 335 copies of our last Dance Data. Larry wants to try the new format for the next issue and see how clubs like it. Cost of color if a club wanted it on their page would be passed on to the club. Jack made a motion to take Larry’s idea to use a booklet for the next issue. Linda Elder seconded the motion., which passed. Jim asked about what would happen to the extra attendance the collation dance brings. It was suggested it could be called a distribution dance.

Secret City Squares will host the distribution dance on April 15, 2017.

Mike Burton asked about all banners being returned at the Council dance. R. G. explained that there is a written guideline for returning banners that was drawn up in 1994. He will get a copy to Pat.

R. G. said that a full-page ad in the Convention book is still $60. There was a motion to put an ad in the book. Jack seconded the motion. Motion passed.

R. G. said that we need to decide on the date of the next Council dance so the building can be reserved. After discussion of possible dates, R. G. made a motion to have the dance on March 31, 2018. Jack seconded the motion, which passed.

Good & welfare: Vivian Mantis will have knee replacement on April 18. Sandy Thompson will have a biopsy on April 27. Shirly Corbin is having open heart surgery. Johnny Chambers is having his carotid artery cleaned on April 10.

Callers & cuers: Jack will emcee the Council dance. Advanced level will be upstairs. Plus, lines and rounds will be downstairs.

July 8,2017 Knoxville squares will host the distribution dance at 6:30.

Dance Data deadline is June 24, 2017.

R. G. made a motion to hold the next meeting on July 9, 2017 at 2:00 pm. Jack seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Jack made a motion to adjourn. Tammy seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 3:50.