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                                                                                           COUNCIL OF EAST TENNESSEE SQUARE AND ROUND DANCE CLUBS, INC


January 9, 2022 

Knoxville, TN


CALL TO ORDER: President Larry Bowen called the meeting of the Council of East Tennessee Square and Round Dance Clubs to order at 2:02pm.


ROLL CALL: Those in attendance were:

President--Larry Bowen                                                  Knoxville Squares—R.G. Pratt

Vice President—Royce Pratt                                            Country Squares—Lloyd Allison Secretary--Mary Roberts, Knoxville Rounds                      Tip Toppers—Nancy Rogers Treasurer--Shirley Kaiser

Activities Coordinator--George Heron, Double K’s

Dance Data Editor—Susan Vance


MINUTES: The minutes of the October 10, 2021 meeting were distributed by email October 11, 2021 and January 5, 2022. R.G. Pratt made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed. Lloyd Alison seconded the motion. The minutes were accepted.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Shirley Kaiser distributed copies of the Treasurers report for October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Income for the period totaled $10.00 and there were expenses of $45.00. The beginning balance on October 1, was $3464.69. The reconciled balance at the end of this quarter was $3429.69. R.G. Pratt moved to accept the report. The motion was seconded by Lloyd Alison. The report was accepted. Report attached.




PRESIDENT Larry Bowen: No report. Larry asked about the current classes. Knoxville Squares (5 students),

Little T’s (7-9 students) and Claxton Country Squares (10-20 students including the plus class) have classes in

progress. Double K’s are trying to get a class going.


VICE PRESIDENT Royce Pratt: Royce asked for volunteers to fill the CET officer slots for the coming term. Nominations for a slate of officers should be announced at the April meeting. The election will be held at the July meeting.


AREA III VICE PRESIDENT Royce Pratt: Royce noted that no additional clubs have folded. No further report.


AREA V VICE PRESIDENT Scott Ebright: Scott was not present, no report. Lloyd Alison commented that Claxton Country Squares was dancing on their usual schedule. They do have a class; Three Rivers Ramblers does not have a class this year.




ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR George Heron: George announced that Steve Kopman and Gary Shoemake have agreed to call for the Council Dance on April 30, and Judy Barnhill has agreed to cue rounds. He is working on arranging the hosting club which would be responsible for the check-in table, decorations, door prizes and some of the food—requests have been made, responses are pending. A flyer is being drafted for distribution soon to area clubs. He hopes the state of dancing in the area will be better by April. R.G. said that the New Year’s Eve benefit dance had about 5 squares. Larry Bowen said that he expected that Gary Shoemake would draw a good crowd, as he doesn’t call locally very often. R.G. suggested that decorations were not needed. Dance time will be 7:00pm to 9:30pm


WEBMASTER Tim Berry: Tim was not present, no report.


DANCE DATA EDITOR Susan Vance: Susan has sent an email to club presidents requesting their submissions by January 21. The dance schedule is the most used part of the DanceData. Susan has prepared a PDF version of the schedule which she would like to keep up to date and publish monthly. Susan sends out the link to the

Dance Data via Pat Blackmore’s database. Larry noted that new class members needed to have access to the Dance Data as well. Susan expects the club Presidents to forward the link to their own club email list. There is a link on the CET website also. Susan will check with webmaster Tim Berry to be sure the website is up to date.






Council Dance 2023: R.G requested that the date for the 2023 Council Dance be scheduled. R.G. made a motion that the dance be held on April 29, 2023. George Heron seconded the motion. The motion was adopted.


Communication Methods: George Heron urged better email communication of dance news in addition to Dance Data. He suggested a combined list of all square dancers in East Tennessee to whom a weekly email could be distributed with dance schedule updates. He volunteered to set up the system. Our current methods of communication were discussed. Pat Blackmore maintains a large database of dancers to whom she sends email notifications. She sends out announcements and flyers submitted to her by the clubs. Dancers do have to send a request to Pat at prospectgirl13@gmail.com to be added to the distribution list. The same address is used by the clubs to send information to Pat. The emails Pat sends out come from Patricia database@easttndance.com. All new dancers and current dancers should be made aware of the database and how to get their email to Pat. Clubs can also put information on the state website. Clubs can/should have someone take responsibility for forwarding the information from their club and messages from the database to each of their own members. George will mention the database and promote it and club emails lists when he visits club dances to promote the Council Dance.


GOOD AND WELFARE: Lloyd Alison said that Ed Chabot, former Claxton Country Squares president is in the hospital in hospice care. Ray Schuller from Little T’s passed away January 7.


CALLERS AND CUERS: none present


DANCE DATA DEADLINE: January 21 for electronic distribution February 1


DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 2 pm.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: R.G. announced that he had Tennessee State Convention flyers with him today. R.G. has also brought 2 electric staplers that were used for stapling the Dance Data pages together when it was produced as the copy paper sized version at collation dances. Neither CET or the Convention has a use for them. They will be stored at SDI. Anyone who can use them should contact R.G. Pratt.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 pm.


Date Approved                        

Mary Roberts, Secretary