April 10, 2022 Knoxville, TN

CALL TO ORDER: President Larry Bowen called the meeting of the Council of East Tennessee Square and Round Dance Clubs to order at 2:02pm.

ROLL CALL: Those in attendance were:

President--Larry Bowen, Tip Toppers Knoxville Squares—R.G. Pratt

Vice President—Royce Pratt Country Squares—Lloyd Allison Secretary--Mary Roberts, Knoxville Rounds Double K’s—Nancy Rogers

Treasurer--Shirley Kaiser Three Rivers Ramblers--Ruth Osborn Webmaster--Tim Berry

MINUTES: The minutes of the January 9, 2022 meeting were distributed by email January 22, 2022 and April 9, 2022.

R.G. Pratt made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed. Lloyd Alison seconded the motion. The minutes were accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Shirley Kaiser distributed copies of the Treasurers report for January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022. Income for the period totaled $10.00 and there were expenses of $45.00. The beginning balance on January 1, was $3429.69. The reconciled balance at the end of this quarter was $3394.69. Dues have been received from all clubs. Ruth Osborn moved to accept the report. The motion was seconded by R.G. Pratt. The report was accepted.

Report attached.


PRESIDENT Larry Bowen: No report.

VICE PRESIDENT Royce Pratt: Royce asked for volunteers to fill the CET officer slots for the coming term. In addition, she noted that we still need more dancers.

AREA III VICE PRESIDENT Royce Pratt: We are slowly getting dancers back. There was a good dance at Knoxville Squares last night with Jet Roberts calling. Six squares were on the floor.

AREA V VICE PRESIDENT Scott Ebright: Scott was not present. No Report. Scott has previously said that his work was preventing him from spending as much time on Area 5 issues as he would like. Lloyd Allison reported that numbers for Country Squares are picking up.


ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR George Heron: R.G Pratt presented George’s report on the proposed logistics of the 2022 Council dance. The report was distributed by email on April 9 and is attached. George did suggest that club announcements not be made. Larry said he would prefer to have club announcements. Shirley stated that announcements took too much time away from the dancing. Royce agreed with Shirley. No changes to George’s plan were made. Ruth Osborn, President of Crossfire Campers, announced that the group has arranged a campout at Norris Dam State Park that weekend. They are square dancers and plan to attend the Council Dance.

WEBMASTER Tim Berry: Tim said that the front page of the Council website ( now has the Council Dance flyer. He is ready to make any changes to website that are needed to make the information accurate and current. Please check your club listing.

DANCE DATA EDITOR Susan Vance: Susan was not present. No report. Mary will contact Susan to determine the deadline for submissions to the next DanceData. Following her previous pattern, a deadline about 10 days ahead of distribution on May 1 is expected.



Nomination of Officers: Royce has had a hard time finding candidates for Council Officers for the 2022-2024 term. The present officers with the exception of the Secretary have agreed to continue in office for the 2022-2023 year. Royce asked all present to send her ideas of who to approach, particularly for the position of Secretary.

Convention Program Ad: R.G made a motion that the Council purchase an ad in the Tennessee State Convention program book. He displayed the ad from the 2021 program book. A full-page ad costs $60. The ad will be prepared by Susan Vance. It lists the Area III and V clubs with their location, dance and class days and contact number. Ruth seconded the motion. The motion was adopted.

Audit: Shirley said the treasurer’s records had last been audited in July of 2020 by Jim Kolinsky. He stated at that time that it would be his last audit. Shirley had spoken to Maxine Schultz (a former CET and State Treasurer) some time ago. At that time, Maxine was willing to audit CET’s records. Shirley moved that we ask Maxine Schultz to audit the Treasurer’s records. Ruth Osborn seconded the motion. The motion was adopted.

GOOD AND WELFARE: No announcements were made.

CALLERS AND CUERS: none present

DANCE DATA DEADLINE: April 21 for electronic distribution May 1

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 2 pm. ANNOUNCEMENTS:

Mary announced the beginners waltz class to be offered by Knoxville Rounds starting May 4. Club dancing will resume that same day.

Ruth asked Lloyd and Shirley to stay after the meeting. She will contact Scott via phone and he will supervise the election of a new Area 5 delegate. Teresa Riley has accepted the position.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:52 pm.

Mary Roberts, Secretary