Council of East Tennessee Square and Round Dance Clubs, Inc.

Knoxville, TN Minutes of October 8, 2023


Call to Order:

President Bill Busch called the meeting to order at 2:00pm.

Roll Call:

President: Bill Busch

Vice President: Royce Pratt Secretary: Sharon Busch Treasurer: Shirley Kaiser Little T’s: Tim Kittle

Country Squares: Lloyd Allison Knoxville Rounds: Mary Roberts Knoxville Squares: R.G. Pratt Little T’s: Kim & Karin Jessen Dance Data Editor: Susan Vance

Area V Representative: Robert & Billie Ferguson




The secretary presented the minutes from the July meeting. R.G. requested several changes to the minutes. R.G. proposed a decrease of $5.00 CET dues effective for the 2024-2025 year and not an increase as written. Nancy Roger’s brother (Pete) needed our prayers for continued health and not Nancy. Mary made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected and Lloyd seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

July 1, 2023, began with a total of $3,491.29. We had an income totaling $40.00 and expenses totaling $60.00. On September 30, 2023, our balance is $3,471.29. Mary made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Lloyd seconded the motion. Motion carried.


President: Bill informed the council that we still have not received any nominations for treasurer. This will be discussed later under “Old Business”.

We have a new club in our area that we welcome from Sevierville and will discuss adding them to our council under “New Business”.

Susan Vance is doing a superb job with “Dance Data”, and we would like to remind square dance clubs of the deadlines she issues for our clubs’ information. The next deadline is October 20th. Susan has also changed the way the data is presented and asked for comments from the clubs. Susan will be leaving for Florida so please adhere to the deadline.

The Banner Raid activity has been good, and we encourage all dancers to get involved.

Vice President: No report.

Area III: Royce has been busy attending to her mother in the nursing home after a stroke.

She encouraged all new dancers to continue their classes and promoted the banner raid activities for all clubs.

Area V: No report




Activities Coordinator: The secretary read the coordinator’s report during his absence. At the previous meeting in July, the council selected March 30th as the annual CET dance.

I am pleased to report that Steve Kopman and Robert Ferguson have agreed to attend while we are still waiting for Mike Hoose and Judy & Dwayne Barnhill to reply. Claxton Squares has agreed to Host the festivities. I will work closely with them to highlight their responsibilities and duties. The 2024 flyer will be printed soon for early distribution.



Webmaster: No report available



Dance Data Editor: Susan explained the new format and hope it is better for all clubs.


Tim Kittle, our state representative, was present and answered several questions the council had. A club only needs 8 members to qualify as a start-up dance club. Tim mentioned that the state may consider incorporating area III and V together. He will keep us informed if that happens. Geographically, our state has 7 area councils. We have eight clubs in the CET area that is comprised of state areas 3 and 5.

Many questions were answered about the difference between a banner raid and a traveler’s card. Likewise, the council decided that we have been deficient in our role to inform the new dancers of square dance rules and procedures.

Bill has had zero responses about the treasurer position. R.G. has mentioned one individual that might be interested. Bill said he would approach that person for the position.

It seems between all the clubs we might have 52 new students from the classes. That would be exciting for Tennessee square dancing.

Mary Roberts has given the council the proposed changes to the by-laws. The changes will be attached to these minutes and must be reviewed 15 days prior to the vote.

PLEASE READ THE CHANGES NOW. This will be voted on at our next scheduled meeting in January.




Billie and Robert Ferguson presented information for their new club that was formed on July 18th. They asked to be considered for admission to the CET by our council. They submitted 10 pages of their by-laws for review. A club must be in existence for 3 months to be accepted.

Bill made a motion to ”Approve the Crazy 8’s Sevierville Club to our council today, as we have by-laws effective today, October 8th, with stipulation that they inform us that they are still in existence on October 18th.” Kim Jessen seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Crazy 8’s thanks all the clubs for their support. Jim Russell from their club has gall bladder problems and could use your prayers. Royce mentioned her mother Opal Hurst and the stroke she encountered. Please send prayers for all.

Bill suggested we start sending cards and good wishes from the CET. Everyone agreed. Bill added those duties to the secretary.


Robert Ferguson suggested that we use a better audio system for our meetings since he has a difficult time hearing some of the officer’s statements.

Robert stated that his club was participating in a Celebration of Life at the Capital Theater on October 21st and needed two more couples to participate. The time is 2:00 – 5:00 PM.




October 20, 2023




November 1,2023




Kim Jessen made a motion to adjourn. Lloyd seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 3:05pm




Sunday, January 14, 2023 2:00pm.



Respectfully submitted by,

Sharon Busch November 13, 2023